Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunshine Award.... 10 things about me

Christine nominated me, so I figured why not play along.

Here are the "rules" for acceptance of this award:
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  • Write 10 pieces of information about yourself.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogospere"

So... here we go, not sure how interesting this will be.

1. Other than Steve, I only dated one other person, and that was in high school for something like as long as a month. Thank the Lord. So glad I met Steve. This fall we will have been together for 10 years now! Some fun photos from our early times....

One of our first photos together. We were hiking with a bunch of people from school.
 photo DSCN0654.jpg

I just always thought he was handsome! Hilarious because he had mono freshman year so didn't want to ask me out, and I thought he didn't like me.
 photo DSCN1623.jpg

 photo IMG_0126.jpg

2. Also kind of a funny story that I never let Steve forget, Steve actually broke one of my fingers one time. It was way back in the beginning of freshman year, but we used to go swimming a lot in the school pool, and while throwing a ball around and trying to keep it away from Steve, he grabbed my hand and broke my pinky. I didn't tell him for the longest time, because I didn't want him to feel bad, and I have a large birthmark on that hand, so I didn't want him looking at it. Needless to say, he did feel badly about it...

3. I've never been outside of the country other than Mexico on a cruise. I'm sad about that. I really love to travel, and would love to go to other countries. Maybe after we're done having children...

4. I've learned to speak Spanish as well as Japanese. If I had more time I would have loved to continue learning Japanese. Or if not that, Chinese. But Chinese is even harder than Japanese. Too bad I don't remember much Japanese any more. I'm pretty good at understanding some Spanish still though. Don't ask me to speak it though!

5. I have a really good memory. I can remember things from my childhood, things from when I was probably 4 years old, and maybe even younger.

6. When I was learning to drive, and had to take my driver's tests, I was lucky and had a college intern do my test. We spent the whole time talking about what I was doing that summer (maybe he was hitting on me?) and all I did was drive around the block a few times, and pretend to park up a hill. So easy it was hilarious. So I make fun of Steve because he failed his first time around :)

7. I hate milk. I don't think I've drank any since I was forced to drink it at day care. Yuck, I hate the taste! Annamarie doesn't drink milk either, she is a great eater, so if she doesn't like milk I don't force it. She eats a ton of cheese and broccoli like me.

8. Growing up I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. But then I changed my mind right before college and went to school for Biology. Then I switched colleges and still stayed with Biology and then minored in art. Such a random minor hahaha. But I'll tell you, I loved those art classes! Weaving was my favorite.

9. I also don't like alcohol. I've never been drunk. Steve and I never drink anything alcoholic because we don't like the taste. We're a perfect match <3 nbsp="" p="">
10. Okay, thinking of 10 things is kind of hard! Probably you already know this, but I've been sewing for forever it seems. My grandma was/is a seamstress, and my mom knows how to sew, so when I was younger, I'd sew clothes for my American girl doll. So glad I learned how to sew, since I love making my dolls now!

Okay, now to tag some people... Only do this if you want, don't feel like you have to! Just kind of fun to learn things from before we were bloggers :)

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  1. Thanks so much, Allison! I truly appreciate it. I'm so bad about ever doing these, but who knows, maybe I'll break my streak this time. :0

  2. I loved learning all this.....I think it is all very interesting. It is all these little things that make us..well US! Loved the story about the driving test...funny! thanks for playing along.

  3. Fun! I will have to come up with 10 things now. I have a good memory too, I think it's odd when people can't remember things from when they were really young.

  4. Thanks for tagging me! That is so sweet! And WOW Japanese! Very cool.