Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm off!

No exciting posts this week, sorry!

I'm leaving on Thursday to visit my sister in Las Vegas! Then we're off for California to go to Disneyland and a few other things in California. It's a short and sweet vacation, but will be fun.

I am SO looking forward to a break. A break from sewing and a break from mommyhood. I love Annamarie with my whole heart, but a toddler is tiring. It will be nice to not fight for a nap and bedtime. I can sleep all night long! I won't have to share any of my food! Ahhhhhh.

I'll have to say, separate vacations are sometimes the way to go. Steve and I did this last year and it worked out well. I went to visit my sister and he went on a trip with a friend. So, we're doing it again this year. It works because you don't have to find a babysitter for overnights and it's sometimes nice to just go somewhere on your own. Perhaps a few years down the road when we have no little kids we'll take an anniversary vacation together.

I'm taking some crocheting along for the trip, but other than that I am not working. I will regret it and feel behind when I get back, but it will be worth it. The tough part will then be taking care of Annamarie myself while Steve is gone. But we'll survive, we did during his work shut down and so we'll just do a lot of outings like the museum, Mall of America, zoo etc.

See you all when I get back!


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