Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

We'll see if this actually shows up on Friday, huh? Why does blogger hate me so and post my posts hours after I hit publish?

Have I ever mentioned on here how much I love toddler fashion sense? It's amazing. Haha! This is Annamarie's favorite shirt. No joke. She'd wear it every day if she could, and the arms are getting too short, so I don't know what we'll do. Hard to tell, but she's also wearing a skirt over her pants. She loves skirts and tutus. I'm not even sure why this is her favorite shirt, she just is always asking for "my favorite shirt" and gets excited when it's clean.
 photo IMG_1869.jpg

It snowed around a foot here yesterday. We went out to play in it, and then I had the brilliant idea to go to the grocery store. I backed my car out of the driveway and then got stuck in the street! I hadn't realized that the plows didn't do our street yet. I mean, it was 10:30, so normally they'd be done by then! I had to go forward, backward, forward, backward, just to inch up the street. Thankfully I did eventually make it to a plowed street. Then we went out to lunch so they would hopefully plow while we were gone (they did).
 photo IMG_1871.jpg

In the first photo I posted, can you see how red it is above Annamarie's lips? She keeps licking them and it's so bad! She's getting sores on her lips. Any suggestions? We just keep trying to put chapstick on her, but she fights it. Maybe if I went to the store and got her a Hello Kitty one or something...

I officially hate winter this year. We quit my gym membership because I started running, but now I've lost all motivation to go out and run in the negative temps. It's hard to run on a road covered in inches of snow! Blah. Is it summer yet?

I ordered these stitch markers. Are they not the cutest thing ever? They are alpacas if you can't tell. I don't do too much crocheting that I need stitch markers, but a few of my patterns call for them, I just need to get the courage up to try the harder patterns... Alpacas might seem random, but a lot of the dolls I've been making lately have alpaca locks for their hair. It is my favorite, it's super soft!
 photo 1689175_665066766868355_1282684851_n.jpg

This year might suck in some ways. They signed Steve up for 3 shut downs. Maybe you remember me complaining about one of his last September. It's like a month and a half of working 14 hour days no days off. Blah. Harder for me because then I don't get many breaks. This time he'll be working days though, which is better than working nights at least. We'll see how it goes. First one is coming up in May.



  1. I'm not sure what Steve does for work but it sounds dreadful. The money is worth it? Probably so.

    I hear you on the winter thing--I usually like winter but I am done with this season.

    We put Eucerin Aquaphor on C when he gets chapped. Just at night and before nap. It heals it right up, 2 days max.

  2. ouchie..those lips look sore. I will suggest what Madeline said cause I have no clue!

    I agree...cutest little alpacas evah. some talented people out there.

  3. My daughter always fights lotion or chapstick on her face, too.. what worked for us recently, since she was picking her cracked/dry/chapped lips so much that they were bleeding, was to take her to the store and let her pick out some Lip Smackers herself. Ordinarily I'd buy the nice organic not full of scary ingredients type lip balm.. but I was willing to compromise this time just to get *something* on her lips. It has definitely helped! Also, I second the "before bedtime" thing - you could always try to sneak some on after she falls asleep. This winter has been rough on everyone's skin in our household :P