Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saying Goodbye

This was probably obvious in coming, as I never post anymore, but I think it's time to let the domain name go. There's lots of years of work here, so not sure what I'll do as I used blogger to write everything, so it's all there, but my sequinsandscribbles is going away as I took it off renewal starting in January. I just don't post regularly anymore to make it make sense to spend money on.

Part of it was that I started up a different google account so never logged into this one, and then my email that sent all the comments from this blog up and vanished without warning. Ah well.

Maybe I'll come back in the summer when we need crafty things to occupy our time.

Until then I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and then Christmas next month!

If anyone wants to keep in touch feel free to join my LuLaRoe facebook group, I post there often!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Business

If you know me on Facebook, this is old news. But, I get so behind in blogging...

So. Anyways. I really don't make many dolls anymore, I probably will do some here and there, however the market has kind of crashed for them, when I make a doll I don't have tons of people trying for it anymore, I still sell them, but probably only one or two people want to buy it at that time. So. On to something new!

I've decided to sign up to sell LuLaRoe clothing! I've bought their clothing for some time, and since I am not doing dolls much any more, I wanted something that works with my schedule and does not require the large time investment making something like my handmade items do. As I said, I'll still do some sewing and definitely still dye things to sell in my etsy shop, but this will be my main focus.

I sent in my paperwork 5 weeks ago, currently it's taking almost 8 weeks to onboard, so I just keep hoping they move a little quicker! I'm excited to start!

I think a lot of people are familiar with LuLaRoe, it's a clothing brand where you host parties or sell it online in your groups.

I'm going to mainly focus on my Facebook group for sales, however I will do some in home pop ups once I get more comfortable. Introvert here, so I need to work up to it!

If you aren't local to me in Minnesota, I am more than happy to host an online popup for you for your friends! It's a fun and easy way for you to earn free clothes! Starting out I'm offering a free pair of leggings for hosting and then you get an additional item free once 10 items sell! Feel free to email me if you want to host a party, or better yet, join my facebook group and message me there!

Join here:
LuLaRoe Allison O

I'm currently running a loop giveaway for mystery items, however I'm almost to 500 members of my group and then I'm giving away $25 Lulacash to someone in my group to spend at my launch party! And I'll have plenty more giveaways as I work up to my launch!

I hope you'll join me. I really do love the clothing, it was started by a Mormon family, so the dresses are modest but still pretty. And I love their leggings, they are so soft. Join my Facebook group and say hi!

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Oh my. So, somehow I have a Kindergartner now. That just seems so old. How?!

I did snap a picture of course for her first day, but it was raining so hard and her school starts at 7:30, so it was dark out and it's a horrible photo. Plus, Kindergartners wear uniforms so don't necessarily want her school name out there. Just know it's adorable ;)

Can I just comment on one thing? I seriously don't think we started that early as kids. Her school starts at 7:30 and ends at like 2:15 or something. That timing seems ridiculous to me, if the parents work, not only are they paying for private school, then they also have to pay for after school care! But what's more ridiculous, is that kids have to get on the bus super early. We're doing the bus, because it's just easier, we live almost 15 minutes away from her school and the end of the day is right during nap time here. So in the morning we have to be at the bus stop by 6:56. Which isn't so horrible compared to one of her friends who has to get on the bus at 6:30!

 I mean, the bus is nice, I'm just thankful Anni is with it for a 5 year old because she told me the bus driver doesn't tell them who's stop it is, you have to pay attention. One parent complained in our facebook group that the bus dropped her kids off after school at her house when they were supposed to go to daycare after school. Thankfully her husband was home sick or else they would have had a 5 and a 7 year old outside by themselves! If my child was any less outgoing than Anni was I definitely wouldn't have done the bus. Seems like so much can go wrong because they are so little. Thankfully now it seems to be going better for most parents.

The end of summer was getting pretty bad here, so I am most thankful that school is going now. Yeah, I was a tiny bit teary eyed when I dropped her off the first day, but she needs school. She was getting so sassy and just naughty for not being challenged enough so she needs this. I had always considered homeschooling before she was born, but we both need her to get out of the house.

The days are so quiet now, which as an introvert I am loving. I need quiet sometimes. And when you have a talker for a daughter sometimes the sound just gets overwhelming. I'm not complaining, I love her for her personality, but it's good to get a break too!

So, so far so good. It's crazy how fast the time really does go.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grace Hill Media Sponsored Post - GREATER

I've partnered with Grace Hill Media again, this time to bring you a wonderful, family friendly film called GREATER. GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. GREATER releases in theaters this August 26. Brandon had one dream – to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks.  Unfortunately, Brandon was a clumsy player who lacked the physical prowess to make the team.  He was written off by coaches and teased by his fellow teammates.  Undeterred, Brandon continued to show-up for practice.  He woke up before anyone else and worked harder than anyone else, until his determination paid off.  Not only was he given an opportunity to walk-on and play football – he became one of the greatest players on the field, and was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts. 

Brandon was known for his character, he was a devoted Christian who never drank or cursed. He was humble and went home to visit his mother every weekend. Not only did he play football he also earned a bachelor's and master's degree while doing it.

Here is a movie that will inspire your family and teach you to never give up. The main character is a Christian and his faith is shown often during the film. The world needs more films like this!

Watch the trailer here:

What dreams or goals do you have for this school year? Be like Brandon and don't give up, inspire others! My goal for this school year is to run a successful business (more on that later...) and to get out of myself and be more outgoing. As an introvert it is hard for me to talk to people and at times that is a real struggle. I don't want to teach my girls the same trait, and it definitely is not good for business. So I have a goal to try and make more connections, be friendly even when I struggle to talk to new people and really work on being successful.

This is not a large goal compared to some. But if you are an introvert you know how hard it is to change that!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer Wind Down

Can someone tell me how there's only 2 weeks left until school starts back up?! I feel like summer just went so fast! Don't get me wrong, I actually am sort of looking forward to school starting up because I think that there needs to be some structure put back into Anni's day, and that's hard for me to do here (which is why I don't homeschool...) It will be good for her to get back into consistent learning. And, it will be so quiet here during the day!

The state fair starts this week too. I did get a doll done for it, so we will see how this year turns out. So far I have gotten 4th and 3rd places. I think it's an old lady who judges the dolls, because her comments on the judge card afterwards are always hilarious to me... like she doesn't like the color combination of the clothes, or the hair (real alpaca locks which are pricey!) looks messy. So this year I went with a baby, somewhat based off of Anni as a toddler.

My garden went okay this year. I'm hoping to build a raised bed out in the actual yard next year, because my current garden doesn't get enough sun in it so many of the plants don't get big enough. Some do fine, but not all. So we will see. I still have gourds growing, so hopefully they get large enough, they're to make birdhouses with. Anni planted some watermelon, but I doubt they will get large enough to eat because of lack of sun. And my potatoes always do well.

Other than that, nothing too exciting here, which is why the lack of posting. I feel like there was so much I wanted to get done this summer, and I don't even know if I did it all! It went so fast. Ah well. Pretty soon is my favorite season, fall. And then hockey season starts :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Gah. Again I am so behind. Sorry! But somehow my baby turned one last Thursday. What? How?

I had given her the birthday gift from me a week early as I found it used on a b/s/t group, and a baby doesn't know one day from another really. But she did open a few gifts from my sister on her actual birthday, and then we had a party for her at my parent's house on Friday. My mom and her actually have the same birthday!

I swear even though the time goes fast once you have a child, it goes even faster the second time around!

Anni was walking before 11 months and she is still not walking, but she does a funny sloth crawl with her back legs fully extended, which I think is her transition into walking, and she can stand on her own. She's also much quieter but that's okay too. I know she just takes after me more, more laid back and quiet.

So, here's some pictures!

 With her birthday present from me, a ride on toy and walker combo the YBike Pewi

On her birthday opening a few presents

At her party, unlike her big sister she devoured the cake. Anni wouldn't even eat the frosting when she turned one haha!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

TCC Wireless School Rocks Backpack Giveaways

I just thought I'd share this info in case it will help anyone out, I haven't participated in the past, but maybe someone will need this info.

On this Saturday, July 30th, from noon-3, many TCC Wireless locations will be giving away 200 backpacks with school supplies in them per location. You can search for participating locations here, if there's a backpack icon by the location then they will have them, but you may want to call the location to confirm.

The child does need to be present to get the backpack however.

So, if your child is in need of school supplies go check it out! Not every area has these stores though!